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An easy to customise, multilingual and multiple ages age verification plugin for wordpress

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Key Features

So what's so special about Age Okay age verification?

  • Different loading for cache and non cached websites
  • Multilingual - add multiple versions of text content and unique ages for these locales
  • Choose where to display: Shortcodes, Filter, & Admin Page
  • No coding required to customise every detail
  • Huge variety in style customistations
Admin page showing background gradient selection
Admin page showing age input customisation
Admin page showing multilingual input
Admin page showing display location settings

More Details

Let's dive into what Age Okay provides, or just view the gallery below

3 Load Types

If you don't use a cache plugin, Age Okay can be set to load instantly (1). If you do, Age Okay will show after page load (2), but you can hide explicit content with a blurred screen (3).

5 Background Styles

Choose from see-through, solid colour or color gradient both with controllable opacity, and pattern or image with customisable coloured overlay.

Container Styling

Style the container of the age verification content with a colour and/or border to create even more variety. Combine with the 'See-through' background to create a modal look.

3 Verification Types

Get users to click a simple enter button, or click a checkbox first for explicit agreement, or have them fill out their birthday before entering.

5 Display Choices

Choose to display sitewide, only on select pages, or all pages except chosen ones. You can also use a filter or shortcodes to choose where to load the screen.


This plugin is fully I18N compliant. The dynamic content of the verification screen can be customised for different locales within the plugin settings, and unique ages can be applied to these.

Live Preview

When editing the style and content of the verification screen, it will be shown as a live preview of your homepage.

Customisable Exit

Optionally add an exit button to the screen, using the same or different style to the enter button. Choose from 3 exit actions; previous page, external url, or text content.

SEO Friendly

The plugin does not display the verification screen to crawlers/bots/spiders, maintaining the content of your website for search engines.

Auto Updating

Many paid plugins will require you to re-download the plugin to get updates, Age Okay allows for auto updating to save you some hassle.


You can see a few examples below all created through the editor


Buy for £10 View Demo